I can feel that you are READY! The journey won’t be easy, but you can take the first step of faith RIGHT now. Too often we think we just “stumbled” upon certain things in life when all the while it was the leading of the Holy Spirit. You did NOT “stumble” upon G.A.U.G.E. Life Coaching. You are searching for change, clarity, confidence, and purpose. And together, we can move you from where you are to where God wants you to be.

Here’s How I Can Help…

Private Coaching

Ready for a breakthrough but want a more individualized approach. No problem! Private coaching offers several options all of which can be tailored to meet your specific needs and goals.

Confidence Boosters

As women, we wear many different “hats.” We can easily become occupied with taking care of everyone else that we unintentionally neglect ourselves. Confidence boosters helps to redirect your focus on Jesus while building you up in the areas most needed.

“The Revealing” Bootcamp

If you want massive impact, try our Signature Program.

Are you ready to peel back the layers of doubt, fear, hesitancy, and insecurity? Are you looking for results and huge impact? Are you ready to be transformed and begin living the life that God wants you to have? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this program is for you!

I know I have peaked your curiosity? So, click the button to find out more about how you can begin to start living your best life.

Bible Study

Are you eager to dive deeper into God’s Word but don’t know where to begin? Do you want to grow closer to God but can’t seem to find the time? I want to assure you that you are not alone! Spending time with God must be purposeful, and bible study does this. There is a Word for everyone, from new believers to seasoned saints.

More About My Coach

I have the essential skills to design interesting resources (matched to EACH particular client) and ask probing questions to stimulate self-reflection and growth, based on my 18 years of experience as an educator and my training as a life coach. But I’ve also perfected the ability to monitor, alter, and adjust based on the client’s demands. My ultimate goal is to equip you with the information, techniques, and resources that will help you to become everything God wants you to be for the rest of your life, not just for a season.

I know and understand from experience what it’s like to be discouraged, overwhelmed, lack confidence, and feel as if you’re not good enough because I’ve been there. But, thanks to God, I’ve learned that life has so much more too give than just disappointment. He has shown me that I can have and live an abundant life. As your coach, I want to help you with experiencing God’s unconditional love and His amazing blessings.


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Radio Interview w/Sabrina Carnes (KBYN Radio)

Listen to this interview with Sabrina, you’ll learn about my personal and professional struggles and how I have managed to overcome them.

Interview w/Richelle LeCourt

During this interview, Richelle and I speak openly about some major women issues such as self-esteem and lacking confidence. I pray that it will bless you.

Let’s Talk About Prayer

Jamie shares a brief, but impactful, lesson on the power of prayer. You can watch more videos like this inside her Facebook group: En-GAUGE in God’s Word.

God Has A Plan For Your Life

Are you in need of encouragement, today? If so, you have definitely come to right place. Jamie shares a motivational message that leaves no doubt that you have a purpose and God has a plan for your life. You can watch more videos like this inside her Facebook group: En-GAUGE in God’s Word.

For speaking engagements please contact: jamiejohnson@gaugelifecoaching.com

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