The first confidence and spiritually focused solution for Christ-centered women who want to ignite their confidence, elevate their voice, and maximize their full potential.

Stop allowing fear, self-doubt, and negative self-talk to hold you back and miss out on opportunities.


Learn how to build a long-lasting, solid foundation that’s built on biblical principles on which you can ignite unshakable confidence that empowers you to live, speak, and act boldly.


This monthly program will take you from being fearful and doubtful to living, speaking, and acting with boldness while creating a renewed mindset to become a purposeful, faith-filled, confident woman.

*You’ll begin to understand who you truly are by pulling back the layers of limiting beliefs, fear, and insecurity.

*You’ll create a solid foundation that is built on the word of God which will enable you to experience long lasting unshakable confidence.

*You’ll renew your mindset to begin seeing, thinking, and approaching situations with a more positive and realistic perspective.

*You’ll learn to identify and release toxic relationships while building and creating positive ones.

*You’ll gain access to a safe, positive, community of like-minded women where you can speak your truth and receive support 24/7.


“She’s truly a woman of God spreading His word! I’ve never felt so close to God. I’ve been in church my whole life but never really had a true understanding. Since Jamie has been my life coach I can say I have a better understanding. I love the way she teaches! My faith is stronger, I pray and talk to God more! She has been a blessing to me.”

—Shun J.

“Jamie is allowing God to use her life experiences to encourage other women. This act of kindness is building a strong community of Christian women who lift each other up. I have really enjoyed the confidence boosters. Jamie helps boost the confidence of others by giving us time to truly focus on ourselves. The encouraging words and the utilization of bible verses help us to spend more time in scripture and grow our relationship with ourselves and God. Thank you for sharing your gift with others. I look forward to more boosters and cannot wait to be able to attend one of your retreats in the future.”

—Michelle G.

“The search for an authentic Bible Based Life Coach, ends with this balanced presentation of the gospel that challenges believers and unbelievers to be “intentional” in fulfilling their divine destiny.”

—Chester T.


For speaking events, please contact Jamie @ jamiejohnson@gaugelifecoaching.com