The Power of Faith: I Choose To Believe


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We all go through tough trials in our lives which lead to such conclusions that totally change the perspective through which we see our lives. There are many occasions when we feel so down that we almost lose faith in our God and start having a negative approach towards life. We get a negative vibe about each and everything around us and think of negative conclusions as well because we lose optimism in our life. But on such occasions, there are some people who hold their faith in God and come up with a patient approach in every harsh instance.

This book revolves around the life of Jamie Johnson who kept a firm belief in Jesus throughout and did not let go of God. Battling breast cancer, she kept remembering her Jesus in every hurdle from personal to social life and never stopped thanking God for what she attained. She embraced every pain with a smile due to her firm faith in God. Jamie Johnson’s life illustrates her devotion to God, it is a story of how a Godly woman worked through the struggles of life; of how anger and loss, loneliness, compassion, friendship, love, and hope are intertwined; of how beauty abounds in living life one day at a time.

Need spiritual sustenance? Give this book a read and you will definitely learn to:

–Keep loving yourself as a creation of God and never underestimate the power of God.

–Never take today for granted and assume that tomorrow will come.

–Always appreciate your blessings.

–Never complain to God about his doings or as if He is unjust.

–Always have faith in God because He is in complete control of all things.

–Have patience through tough times.

–Have a firm belief that God will never leave you nor forsake you.

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