Equipping Women With Understanding God’s Word


Jamie has a vision to build a community of confident, faith-filled women who are fully equipped with God’s word, embrace their true identity, and walk confidently in their God-given purpose.


Bold, Genuine, & Humble

Those are just some of the words used to describe Jamie. Jamie is an up and coming Christian Life Coach who is on a mission to equip, empower, and encourage women with God’s word so they can be the women they were created to be, unapologetically.

Jamie is quickly gaining a reputation for her powerful, straight-forward, yet easy to understand teaching/coaching. If you’re looking for a watered-down version of the gospel then you are definitely in the wrong place.


Powerful and filled with holy boldness, Jamie delivers messages that are Holy-Spirit led, provides a deeper understanding of God’s word, and empowers you to take action.


Jamie’s heart is to help women BE who they were created to be so they can DO what they were created to do and HAVE all that God has for them.


As an author, Jamie has written two books: The Power of Faith: I Choose to Believe and Cultivating an Effective Prayer Life: The Beginner’s Guide. Her books are designed to inspire, inform, and encourage you to draw closer to God.


Broken, withdrawn, fearful, and unsure of who I was–that was the woman I use to be. And it showed…in the way I spoke, my thought process, and my actions.

I made decisions based on fear. I always played it small because I allowed people to put their limitations on me. Far to often, I spoke the language of “lack” because I didn’t think I was worthy of more.


The day came when I finally stopped playing church and began to truly embrace the word of God and who I am as His daughter.

My talk, walk, and thought process has changed. What was broken has been made brand new. I don’t move in fear, but in the strength of the Lord. I no longer see limitations because my Father in Heaven has none.

The game has changed. I’m no longer in it just to survive; I’m in it to thrive as a daughter of the King.


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