There was a time when…

  • My self-talk was consistently negative.
  • I didn’t like the way I looked.
  • I doubted myself and what I could do.
  • I didn’t have the confidence to speak up nor speak in front of others.
  • I missed out on opportunities because I was overly concerned about what others thought and said about me.
  • I projected a strong and confident woman on the outside but on the inside I was sad and lonely.

But Then…

I gained a new perspective on life. I discovered who I truly was and my worth. That was completely new for me, because for most of my life I based my identity and worth on what others thought and said about me.

I realized that as my relationship deepened with God; the more empowered I became. I began to have the confidence to do things that I never thought I could do. Opportunities started to present itself in ways that I could have never imaged. But not only that, I started to have a voice. Not just any voice, but a voice that was bold; a voice that demanded and received attention.

And Now…

  • I have grown from being afraid to speak in front of a small group to speaking to the masses.
  • I acknowledge my imperfections, but I also understand those are the things that make me unique.
  • I’m no longer overly concerned about what others think or say. My focus is only on Jesus Christ.
  • I can finally say that the person you see on the outside (smiling, confident, strong, caring, & God-fearing) is a true reflection of what’s on the inside.

Being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ.

Philippians 1:6

A Little More About Jamie…

Family is a blessing, and I am thankful to have mine. Our teen daughter is blossoming into a God-fearing young woman, and my husband is kind and supportive. We make it a priority to spend time together as a family and we never end the day without saying “I love you.”

I believe in enjoying every day, so I make every effort not to complain about things that I can’t control . I am intentional about looking for the “good” in every situation. Surrounding myself with “like-minded” people helps me to stay focused on the positive. I have learned to be content with what I have regardless of the situation. Everything in my life is not perfect, but it is perfect enough for me.


En-GAUGE in God’s Word

Join a community of Christian women who are supportive and growing in confidence and in the Word of God. Studying the Word of God is essential in the life of a Believer, but why do it alone when you can be part of an uplifting community of women.

Prayer Request

Praying for others is one of the most powerful gifts that you can give. And it is a gift that I enjoy giving. Whatever season you are experiencing in your life, requires prayer. No matter how good or bad things are; you should pray without ceasing. However, there are those times that are most difficult and although you are praying you still need others praying with and for you. If you are in need of prayer, submit your request and rest assured that I will lift your name to our Heavenly Father. Prayer combined with Faith causes Jesus to move in unimaginable ways.


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Evangela Gatson
Evangela Gatson
Jamie is allowing God to use her life experiences to encourage other women. This act of kindness is building a strong community of Christian women who lift each other up. I have really enjoyed the confidence boosters. Jamie helps boost the confidence of others by giving us time to truly focus on ourselves. The encouraging words and the utilization of bible verses help us to spend more time in scripture and grow our relationship with ourselves and God. Thank you for sharing your gift with others. I look forward to more boosters and can not wait to be able to attend one of your retreats in the future.
Shun Johnston
Shun Johnston
She's truly a woman of God spreading his word! I've never felt so close to God ..I've been in church my whole life but never really had a true understanding. Since Jamie has been my life coach I can say I have a better understanding I love the way she teaches ! My faith is stronger, I pray and talk to God more! She has been a blessing to me
LaToya Macon
LaToya Macon
The "Boosters" are amazing! Please sign up for free & you won't regret it. Jamie is an amazing speaker & the lessons are easy to follow. Join now & guaranteed to be filled with the Holy Spirit‼️
Gabrielle Tatum
Gabrielle Tatum
I have attended each confidence booster thus far and all of them have positively impacted my life! Jamie gets straight to the point, quoting scriptures and giving us Godly advice and tips that help us feel uplifted in the end. I have also just started reading her book which I highly recommend. I can’t wait until COVID is over because I’m looking forward to participating in the retreats.
Tina Burns
Tina Burns
when she talk about faith.she a true believer and she walk by faith.she a great speaker life Christian coach.i recommend anyone to just watch and listen to her it will change your life and the way u think.