In Need of a Boost?

No one is better at multi-tasking than women. We are mothers, wives, daughters, aunts, sisters, and grandmothers. And each one of those titles comes with its own responsibilities. We also cook, clean, do laundry, encourage others, tend to the sick (our children & husband), work full-time, and.. Well, you get the picture. It is a never ending list.

In addition, to all those things we still have our own problems. But in the midst of tending to the needs of others; we often forget about ourselves. And sometimes we don’t even realize how tired we are and how stressed we are until it starts to affect us physically, emotionally, and socially. But just because we are tired does not mean that we quit or give up. What it means is that we need rest, encouragement, and motivation; we need a boost to re-energize ourselves so that we can continue to move forward in the plans that God has for our lives. 

Things Don’t Change Just Because You Wish For It. Change Requires Action.

Here’s How I Can Help..

I can help you move from feeling overwhelmed and weary to focused and “on fire.” Ready to get back to working for the Kingdom of God with passion and a purpose. In this 60-minute group power session, there is absolutely no “fluff” when it comes to sharing the Word of God. The goal is to give you what you need so you can continue to move forward in the plans that God has for your life. 

Most Popular Confidence Boosters…

Becoming The Right One

Are you ready for to settle down, but cannot seem to find Mr. Right? Have you been praying consistently asking God to send you the person He has for you? This confidence booster is jammed packed with eye-opening knowledge as to why your focus should not be on finding Mr. Right but on becoming Mrs. Right (the Right One).

Where’s God When You Need Him?

Have you ever faced a difficult situation and felt or wondered if God was there with you? Have you felt abandoned or forgotten about? If so, you are not alone . Many people have felt this way at some point in their life. In this booster, we will discuss why you sometimes feel that way, how to overcome it, and the omnipresence of God. You will walk away having no doubt that God will never leave nor forsake you.

Obedient Faith

There are times in our lives when God will require us to do some challenging things such as move out of our comfort zone and leave certain things and people behind. It is during those times that our faith is truly demonstrated. This can be difficult for many people, but during this booster Jamie shares the importance of obedient faith and what it requires.

Are you willing to do what the Holy Spirit is asking you to do? Are you willing to go where the Holy Spirit is leading you to go? Do you have obedient faith?

Ain’t No Quit In Me

Feeling discouraged? Overwhelmed? Just not sure what to do? I get it and I understand because I have been there once or twice myself. Believe it or not; it does get better. No matter how difficult your situation may seem; you CAN overcome it. But you have to be willing to think, speak, and believe–“Ain’t No Quit in Me.”

Don’t see what you need…

Let’s work together to customize a confidence booster that will be tailored to your exact needs.

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